Closest Airport to Disney World

Closest Airport to Disney World

If you are planning a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, it’s important to know the closest airport to fly into for your convenience. Here are the details on the closest airport, total distance, travel time, and route guide.

Closest Airport:

The closest airport to Disney World is the Orlando International Airport (MCO), which is located just 20 minutes away from the Disney World Resort.

Total Distance:

The distance between Orlando International Airport and Disney World Resort is approximately 22 miles.

Travel Time:

The travel time from Orlando International Airport to Disney World Resort is around 25 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions.

Route Guide:

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate from Orlando International Airport to Disney World Resort:

  1. Upon arrival at Orlando International Airport, follow the signs to the baggage claim area.
  2. Collect your baggage and proceed to the Ground Transportation level of the terminal.
  3. Look for signs to the rental car area, if you plan on renting a car, or look for the shuttle buses to Disney World Resort, which operate 24/7.
  4. If you are driving to Disney World, take the south exit from the airport and follow signs to SR-417 Toll South.
  5. Take exit 6 for International Drive toward SR-536/FL-535/I-4 E/US-192 E and merge onto World Center Drive.
  6. Turn left onto FL-535 N/S Apopka Vineland Road.
  7. Continue onto Hotel Plaza Blvd.
  8. Turn right onto E Buena Vista Drive.
  9. Continue onto Buena Vista Drive until you reach the entrance to Disney World Resort.

Note: There are several toll roads in the Orlando area, so be sure to have some cash on hand or a SunPass to avoid delays.

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