Closest Airport to Lake Como Italy

Closest Airport to Lake Como Italy

The closest airport to Lake Como is Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP). Located in the city of Milan, Italy, it serves as the main international airport for the region and provides convenient access to this breathtaking destination.

Total Distance:

The distance between Milan Malpensa Airport and Lake Como varies depending on the specific location around the lake. On average, it ranges from 50 to 80 kilometers (31 to 50 miles), making it a moderate distance for travelers to cover.

Travel Time:

The travel time between Milan Malpensa Airport and Lake Como depends on the specific location around the lake and the mode of transportation chosen. By car, it typically takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to reach the lake, considering the distance and traffic conditions. By train, the journey can take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the train schedule and connections.

Route Guide:

To travel from Milan Malpensa Airport to Lake Como, follow these general directions:

  1. If renting a car, exit the airport and follow the signs for the highway A8/E62 toward Milan. Merge onto the A8 highway and continue for approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles).
  2. Take the exit for the A9 highway, following the signs for Como/Chiasso. Merge onto the A9 highway and continue heading north for approximately 30 to 50 kilometers (19 to 31 miles), depending on your specific destination around Lake Como.
  3. Take the exit for the town or village you plan to visit around Lake Como. Follow the signs to reach your destination, which may involve driving through scenic countryside roads.
  4. If traveling by train, take the Malpensa Express train from the airport to Milan Central Station. From Milan Central Station, take a train to your desired destination around Lake Como, such as Como or Varenna. Train schedules and connections can vary, so it’s recommended to check ahead of time.

It’s advisable to check the specific location and plan your journey accordingly, as Lake Como has several towns and villages along its shores, each with its own access points and transportation options.


Milan Malpensa Airport, located in Milan, serves as the closest airport to Lake Como in Italy. Its convenient proximity ensures easy access for visitors, allowing them to seamlessly travel to and from Lake Como. Whether you’re exploring the charming towns along the lake, cruising its sparkling waters, or admiring the majestic villas and gardens, Milan Malpensa Airport serves as a convenient starting point for your air travel needs. With a moderate distance to cover and various transportation options available, it guarantees a memorable and enjoyable journey as you arrive at the enchanting destination of Lake Como.

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