Closest Airport to Redwood National Park

Closest Airport to Redwood National Park

The closest airport to Redwood National Park is Arcata-Eureka Airport (ACV). Located in McKinleyville, California, it serves as the primary airport for travelers visiting the park and the surrounding area.

Total Distance:

The distance between Redwood National Park and Arcata-Eureka Airport is approximately 45 miles (72 kilometers), making it a reasonable space for visitors to cover.

Travel Time:

The travel time between Redwood National Park and Arcata-Eureka Airport typically ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the road conditions and your specific destination within the park. The scenic drive allows you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you make your way to the park.

Route Guide:

To travel from Arcata-Eureka Airport to Redwood National Park, follow these general directions:

  1. Start by heading south on Airport Road, exiting the airport premises.
  2. Merge onto US-101 South, following the signs for Eureka.
  3. Continue on US-101 South for approximately 40 miles (64 kilometers).
  4. Take the exit for your desired destination within Redwood National Park. There are multiple access points along US-101, such as Klamath, Orick, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.
  5. Follow the signs for the specific location within the park, whether it’s a visitor center, campground, or trailhead.

It’s always recommended to check for any road closures or updates related to weather conditions before embarking on your journey. The park’s visitor center or website can provide valuable information regarding current road conditions and closures.


Arcata-Eureka Airport, located approximately 45 miles from Redwood National Park, serves as the closest airport to this magnificent forested area. Its convenient distance allows for easy access, ensuring a seamless travel experience for visitors. Whether exploring the towering redwood trees, hiking through scenic trails, or immersing yourself in the park’s rich biodiversity, Arcata-Eureka Airport provides a convenient starting point for your air travel needs. Its reasonable distance and picturesque route guarantee a memorable and enjoyable journey as you arrive at the breathtaking Redwood National Park.

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