How similar are Italy and Germany culturally?

How similar are Italy and Germany culturally?

Italy and Germany are two important, popular, and two of the most visited European countries. Italy is in the south of Germany and also besides Austria. Germans are habitual of traveling to Italy once in a while for vacations. Rine, the islands of Sicily, and Capri are popular among nature lovers and Germans are no different. Both countries have a culture that is quite similar but there are differences too. The languages Italian and German are also popular all across the world. How about Ciao? You must have heard this word which comes from the Italian language and Italian people use it to greet and say goodbye. It explains how both languages have their complexities, charms, and benefits as well.

Italian and German translation services have also been acquired by the business to expand their operations in Germany and Italy. Both are two promising European economies that contribute a lot to the world’s total GDP. Therefore, businesses and multinational companies enthusiastically target both countries and their markets.

Social Norms

Germans and Italian people are not very similar when it comes to their social norms and behaviors.

Greetings and living customs

Germans are quiet. They admire the silence and peaceful surroundings. Interestingly, courts in Germany decide how long a dog can bark. Still determining though if dogs listen to the courts and utter words accordingly. On the contrary, Italian people are loud and vibrant. They live with the noise and do not mind the source of noise. As you visit Italy you get to notice how people greet each other loudly and enthusiastically. Italian children also enjoy the loud noise without a fear of getting restricted.

Traffic habits 

Similarly, traffic rules have been the same in both countries. German people are more lawful and follow the traffic rules strictly. Whereas Italian people describe themselves as quite impatient in waiting in traffic queues. They rather have adopted a more forward-looking style. This also gets advantageous at times where leaving the traffic behind gets easier at times.

Family and friends

Despite being neighbors, the routine life is quite different in both countries. Italian people don’t welcome lunch invites until 2 pm and dinner before 8 the night. Children also can play till 11 or even late at night. Whereas when it comes to the Germans, they are more formal and they don’t let their children wander after 8 pm. German and Italian culture is quite rich and full of contradictions too. As an English speaker or from an English-speaking world speaking you might have to seek for German and Italian translation services to have a strong grip on this language and cultural analysis.

Food and cuisine

When it comes to food habits Italian people don’t mind even a casual and informal invite and food pattern. Not only the meal times are consumed in different patterns but the individual courses are also served well. German people, as you might have developed a notion, are formal and reserved. They also believe in proper food. Furthermore, they have a starter, a main course, and dessert. German people prefer soup as a starter. Whereas Italians opt for pasta as the first course. They later like to have fish or meat. Italian cuisine is also made and accepted all across the world.

A few of the dishes are

  • Pizza
  • Pasta 
  • Italian Cheese
  • Risotto 
  • Lasagne 

Some popular German foods include


This is about a chicken piece that they fry in oil after covering in a batter made of egg, flour, and bread crumbs.


It is a vegetarian dish despite the country’s always big on meat.


This is a stew made in one pot and includes a wide variety of ingredients. However, the way of preparation can vary with the region and flavors can be different. 

Coffee rituals 

German people keep enjoying coffee throughout the day the way they like it. Italian people, however, prefer having a cappuccino in the morning with a small dessert piece, which could be a slice of cake or pastry. Also, their choice of coffee changes for evenings. They prefer espresso at night. 

Going through the food habits of the Italian and German people could be an interesting topic. If you tend to explore these cultures, try seeking help from professional German translation services.

Time Management

Every nation has some salient features they are known by. Their time management habits are also different. Professional German and Italian translation services can help to understand the habits of the people. 

Planning vs. Spontaneity

Italians are a vibrant nation who believe in sudden plans and also enjoy gatherings spontaneously. They enjoy going with the flow. They are more spontaneous and tend to make every moment greater. Professional Italian translation services can assist with the behavioral study of the Italian people more effectively. 

Work-life Balance

Germans are again more sorted on the work-life balance. They don’t get pressurized by the work and live their personal lives more distinctly. Whereas Italians have this habit of getting away with it more conveniently. They integrate the two seamlessly. 


Italy and Germany are two important European countries. Likewise, Italian and German languages come from a similar language family. The social norms, eating habits, and time management skills of both countries differ on a minor scale. Acquiring translation services can help greatly in this regard. 

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