Closest Airport to Banff

Closest Airport to Banff

The closest airport to Banff is the Calgary International Airport (YYC), which is approximately 115 kilometers (71.5 miles) away.

Total Distance:

The total distance from Calgary International Airport to Banff is approximately 115 kilometers (71.5 miles).

Travel Time:

The travel time from Calgary International Airport to Banff is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.

Route Guide:

  1. Exit the airport onto Airport Road NE.
  2. Turn left onto Barlow Trail NE.
  3. Take the ramp onto AB-2 S and continue for approximately 9 kilometers.
  4. Take exit 258 for AB-1 W toward Banff/Strathmore.
  5. Merge onto AB-1 W and continue for approximately 100 kilometers.
  6. Take the Banff exit onto Banff Ave/AB-1A W.
  7. Follow Banff Ave/AB-1A W for approximately 5 kilometers.
  8. Turn right onto Elk St/AB-1A W.
  9. Turn left onto Caribou St/AB-1A W.
  10. Turn right onto Moose St/AB-1A W.
  11. Continue straight onto Banff Ave/AB-1A W.
  12. Continue on Banff Ave/AB-1A W until you reach Banff.
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