Closest Airport to Florida Keys

Closest Airport to Florida Keys

Closest Airport: Key West International Airport (EYW)

Total Distance:

The distance to the Florida Keys varies depending on where you are going within the island chain. The total distance from Miami International Airport (MIA) to Key West, which is the southernmost island in the chain, is approximately 160 miles (258 kilometers).

Travel Time:

The travel time from Miami International Airport to Key West is approximately 3.5 to 4 hours by car, depending on traffic. The drive is along the scenic Overseas Highway, which connects the islands.

Route Guide:

  • Head east from Key West International Airport towards S Roosevelt Blvd
  • Turn left onto S Roosevelt Blvd and follow for approximately 3 miles
  • Merge onto US-1 S/Overseas Hwy via the ramp to Key West
  • Follow US-1 S/Overseas Hwy for approximately 42 miles until you reach the Florida Keys
  • To reach destinations within the Keys, continue on US-1 S/Overseas Hwy and take exits as needed

Note: The route may vary depending on your specific destination within the Florida Keys. It is always recommended to use a GPS or map app for specific directions.

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