Closest Airport to Richmond VA

Closest Airport to Richmond VA

Closest Airport: Richmond International Airport (RIC)

Total Distance:

The distance between Richmond to Richmond International Airport is approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers).

Travel Time:

The average travel time from Richmond to Richmond International Airport is about 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Route Guide:

Here is a route guide to reach Richmond International Airport from Richmond, VA:

  1. Start by heading east on the main road, which can be Broad Street or Interstate 64 (I-64) depending on your location in Richmond.
  2. If you are on Broad Street, continue east until you reach the interchange with I-64. Merge onto I-64 East.
  3. If you are already on I-64, continue heading east.
  4. Follow I-64 East for approximately 8 miles.
  5. Take Exit 197 to Airport Drive.
  6. Keep left at the fork and follow the signs for Richmond International Airport.
  7. Merge onto Airport Drive and continue for about 2 miles.
  8. You will reach Richmond International Airport on your left.

Please note that road conditions and traffic may affect the actual travel time. It is advisable to check for any updates or use a GPS navigation system to ensure the most accurate route information.

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